About Us

Let us introduce ourselves: we are a pair of shoes, but not just any pair of shoes.

We like trying on different looks, from sneakers to ankle boots, from sandals to ballet flats.
We adore adapting to different situations, trying to meet - or, rather, to fit - all expectations!
Indeed, we can be the perfect accessory for a woman’s size 37 or for a man’s size 42. At this time, this is the best we can do in terms of sizes!

What’s so special about us? Not to brag, but we have been created by genius stylists who thought of a unique design for us, which is often a one-off.

Our creators define us using many different words: prototype or sample; what really counts is the fact that we are an exclusive product!

Doesn’t sound like much? Here’s some more info for you!

Think of the fact that we have travelled from showrooms to trade fairs around the globe, without ever been worn. Many admired us and envied our style, but could never own us.

Now, however, is the time for us to stop our wanderings and to finally be worn.

We’re not for everyone. That’s why we chose to call our home “Lucky Sizes”: we are the perfect pair of shoes only for ladies who wear a size 37 or those lucky men who wear a size 42!

P.S. In case you were wondering...yes, we are made of genuine Italian leather!

Our designers have applied their meticulous work to all our details and our soles are of the highest quality, to guarantee the comfort of whoever wears us.